Deb Wilson

Looking to Make the World Better

Pets and hobbies make everything better! I couldn’t imagine life without my furry babies.

– me, about what makes life good

In my spare time, I have many hobbies. I take part in several fabric and fiber crafts including sewing and cross-stitch. I also paint, and create small sculptures from polymer clay, as well as work with resin and other materials. I sell some of the items I make, give some as gifts, and keep some for myself.

I have 2 large dogs, Yuba & Tejón, 4 cats, and an aquarium that houses various freshwater fish and shrimp.

I enjoy spending time with friends occasionally, but do not mind staying home and enjoying the quiet times. I like many types of music, and love watching horror movies. I have several houseplants in my home. I also enjoy body art, and reading about medical history.

Tejón & Yuba