Deb Wilson

Looking to Make the World Better

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Hello! My personal and professional goal is to be in a position to help people gain more autonomy in their lives. I am currently interested in finding a part-time position involved in the social sciences or with public health while I work on my Bachelor’s degree. My expected graduation is June 2024 from an accelerated program at Cal State University San Marcos. In Fall 2024, I will be starting my Masters of Public Health, also at CSUSM.

While my studies have run the gamut over the years, I have finally found my passion in the social and health sciences. I no longer have an interest in graphic design, and instead want to help people find a voice for themselves and help them to become healthier and happier. This includes LGBTQ+ peoples as well as women, children, the elderly, and ethnic minorities. Inequality and systemic racism are only two of the social problems we have in today’s world, but they effect many people in ways most of us can’t imagine. Those of us who have some privilege must use it to support and help those who do not have those same privileges.

¡Hablo un pequeño español! I would love to find a role where I can become more proficient in Spanish.

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